Velpet Antler Velvet 100 x 750mg

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The pet formula, 500mg of Pure Antler Velvet in a capsule. Animals are not immune to the effects of ageing, sickness, and injury and this product is specifically marketed to improve the quality of life of your pet, be it cat or dog. Arthritis, mobility loss, and kidney problems are all features of the ageing process. Some would say these conditions are attributable in no small amount to the processed foods, rather than meat on the bone, that our pets are given today.

Race horses and other high value, high performance animals have also been found to benefit from it's general health, anti-inflammatory, and energy enhancement properties.

Also available in bulk powder for the larger animals. POA.

Available in the Big Economical 100 cap bottle.

Pamper your pet- Give it 1-3 caps per day.