Trade Enquiries

Wapiti Park Products NZ Ltd are actively seeking wholesalers and / distributors world wide for its premium line of Deer and Elk Antler Velvet products.

Wapiti Park are involved in the development of new products based on Elk and Deer Velvet powder and Extract and also offer a Custom Mix service. We can formulate and/or process a provided formula to special requirements.

Products can be supplied in liquid, powder, capsule, and tablet form; and in bottles or bulk.

Established business' and/or individuals who are interested in marketing and selling Wapiti Park Deer and Elk Velvet products are invited to discuss the opportunities further by contacting:-

Grant Muir,
Wapiti Park Products NZ Ltd,

320 Woodstock-Rimu Road
Hokitika 7883,
New Zealand.


Phone +64 3 755 8671 or 021 385 252