IGF-1 Oral Spray 30ml

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Velanex Antler Velvet Extract Cervine Growth Factor Complex Oral Spray.

A new genetation natural Growth Factor Complex health and vitality supplement.

IGF-1 CGFC liquid Extract is an exciting new Antler Velvet product presented in a new oral spray delivery form.

Experience the energizing and powerful strengthening qualities of Antler Velvet Extract in this oral spray form, for maximum potency and effectiveness.

Wapiti Park's Growth Factor Complex Oral spray contains the full range of Growth Factors naturally occurring in Deer Antler Velvet, including the major insulin like Growth Factors IGF-1 and IGF-2. These naturally occurring growth factors are involved in virtually every cellular function in the human body, including growth, metabolism, regeneration, and immune system response. Given that, Antler Velvet's adoptogenic action provides a potential natural solution to the age old problem of aging.

Wapiti Park's Velanex (GF) is a standardized, highly purified soluble formulation of the Extract Pantocrin, a natural substance found in the Velvet Antlers of Elk and Red Deer.

Wapiti Park's formulation process preserves the Extract's active ingredients in as pure as possible form to enhance the already high body absorption rate inherent in Antler Velvet Extract.

This new process allows for Extract to be presented in a more bio-available form which supports the greatest percentage uptake of the active growth factors and associated substances, including Amino Acids, Proteins, Lipids, and GAGs which make up Antler Velvet.

The IGF-1 and other growth factors in this product have a natural anabolic effect on the body which encourages a leaner body mass and the boosting of muscle development and strength with out the usual associated bulking.

Improved and accelerated metabolic performance supports anti-aging and stimulates the Immune system. It has also been found to encourage weight loss.

Few appreciate that Antler Velvet has now been shown to support faster healing and recovery from both injury and surgery by virtue of the fact that it encourages the growth of new blood vessels. It is also a natural anti-inflammatory and therefore offers major support potential to sufferers of joint problems and Arthritis.

For athletes in particular, the potential to boost energy, strength, blood oxygen levels, stamina and endurance while supporting joint health, offers exciting potential to increase both performance and competitive life.

Supplement facts:

Liquid Antler Velvet Extract standardised to 2500ng active GF per gram.

Other ingredients: Purified water, Xylitol, Citric Acid, Potassium Sorbate, Natural Flavourings.

Bottle content 30ml.

Daily serving size - 4-5 sprays night and morning, or 1 hour before and after competition.

Servings per bottle - 60 (30 days).

ng per spray - approx 8-10 ng

Daily ng value at recommended dose rate (10 sprays) - approx 90ng.

Caution: For Adult use only.