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Shark Cartilage

You may well ask what is this doing on a Deer Velvet Products Site? Good Question - and there's a good answer.

Like Antler Velvet, Shark Cartilage is Cartilage! - and it's another completely Natural Product. Literature to date suggests that Shark cartilage is beneficial for joint and skeletal health, cartilage maintenance, and has anti-tumour/anti- cancer properties.

An increasing body of evidence is being accumulated on the subject of the therapeutic effects of shark cartilage on Arthritis, Osteoporosis, and other degenerative conditions; and research to date regarding cartilage therapy for sports injuries treatment is equally promising.

Shark Cartilage is a non- toxic completely natural supplement that contains Calcium and Phosphorous in a 2:1 ratio, and the trace elements Magnesium and Zinc, all in readily bio-available form, that is easily absorbed and assimilated into the body; and is all important for bone and joint health. It also contains Complex carbohydrates and proteins that have been shown clinically to reduce inflammation and to block Anglo-genesis, or blood vessel formation, which can contribute to the degenerative joint symptoms of pain and sensitivity.

Glucosamines; a family of carbohydrates, including Chondroitins; that have been shown are critical to health are also present. Numerous studies have supported the claims that Chondroitins yield equal or better results than non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS), in relieving the discomfort of Osteoarthritis, while helping the body to repair damage to cartilage and joints. This is accomplished without the harmful side effects associated with NSAIDS.

Consumers should realise and understand that, like Antler Velvet, Shark Cartilage is not a 'quick fix'; therefore it should be taken as a preventative supplement and 4-6 weeks should be allowed for the body to adjust and utilise it effectively.

Wapiti Park recommend it as a worthwhile complimentary supplement taken in conjunction with an Antler Velvet product, for enhanced bone and joint health and for its anti-tumour/anticancer possibilities.

We would not recommend any product or substance we did not take ourselves.

Caution: The product is not recommended for use by pregnant women or women trying to conceive, nor is it recommended for those within 30days of surgery or 30 days after surgery, or those who have suffered a heart attack within 30 days. It is not recommended for children.

References: Lai, S., et al. 1993, Evaluation of the Therapeutic Benefits of Shark Cartilage, Lane, W.I., & Comac, L. 1992, Sharks don't get cancer - how Shark Cartilage could save your life. Pelton, R. & Overholser, L.,1994 Alternatives in Cancer Therapy. Kamen B, PhD, & Kamen P., 1999 The Remarkable Healing power of Velvet Antler.

Support the structure that supports you - for enhanced bone and Joint health take Shark Cartilage.

Available in 500mg capsules, in a Big Economical 100cap bottle.

Recommended daily dosage: 2 capsules twice per day, or more if directed by your professional medical adviser.

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