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Green Lipped Mussels, Fish Oil (Omega 3), Plant Extracts and Manuka Honey, and Deer Velvet from capsules, creams and sprays.

Each of these therapeutic products are sold as alternative natural remedies to the mainstream medications dispensed from our regular healthcare providers. The question is however - do they work? Can we trust them to treat our condition and enhance our general health and wellbeing? We can read reviews and testimonials until the cows come home, but ultimately we each need to satisfy ourselves. Our main concern should be - how do we benefit from them, and do they cost an arm and a leg?

Having an article regarding deer velvet on our website is naturally biased - however our primary focus is your health and well-being. We sell these products as we believe in them and the benefits they offer. Our intention therefore is to help you understand these benefits.

The Contribution of Deer Velvet

Deer velvet is a well established contributor to our holistic approach to health and wellbeing. With its roots in 2,500 years of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), and sourced from audited and accredited members of the NZ Veterinary Association, the deer are free-range and grass-fed. New Zealand produces around 450 tonnes (450,000 kg) of deer velvet per annum, making it the world’s largest producer and ensuring that highest ethical and production standards.

Protein Performance

Deer velvet is an excellent source of amino acids - organic compounds that define the nature of proteins. Proteins perform a number of functions across a broad spectrum called the Metabolic Process, contributing to several physiological processes including the repair and maintenance of tissue, assistance with digestion, and as a major source of energy. Amino acids are second only to water as components of our muscle and tissue, and serve a number of different purposes. One such purpose are their roles as neurotransmitters - chemical messengers which enable the pathways of our nervous system to function. This role has major implications for our mental processes as much as our physical ones, with co-ordination and responsiveness being two such examples.


A quick - and by no means comprehensive - glance at the role of amino acids as foundational to our wellbeing, indicates the degree to which we should respect not only their importance, but the potential for a reduction in our performance if they are diminished. One example is the role of the protein Collagen - a product of deer velvet - which constitutes around a third of our bodies protein content, a structural protein involved in the connectivity of fibrous tissues - our skin, tendons and ligaments. It is easy to see how essential Collagen is to our ‘joy of life’ and why it is taken seriously by supporters of the Ketogenic approach to nutrition and diet. The ‘Keto’ is a very specific diet, aimed at reducing fat through a reduction in carbohydrates. One adverse effect, however, is the reduction in Insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) - a protein that supports growth, particularly during the years of puberty.


Deer velvet is an excellent source of IGF-1 - also known as somatomedin C - which contributes to the healing of repetitive trauma injuries to cartilage damage in joints and tendons. It does this by assisting the body to repair itself through its contribution to a protein-base, allowing new cells to both grow and accumulate. It is identified as a contributor to growth - hence the reference to puberty. It would be irresponsible however, not to warn against excessive use. Too enthusiastic an approach to deer velvet - as with any contributor to the functioning of our metabolism - will do harm due to its ability to overwhelm, when used beyond its stated dose.

Targeted Growth

Deer Velvet contributes to important metabolic functions, including muscle recovery, the restoration of libido, blood circulation, fatigue and inflammation. What is not appreciated however, is the degree to which we can now target specific conditions due to the Growth Factor Matrix - the ability to concentrate on particular areas of concern. Focusing on what is important to the consumer - and then synthesising it in a consistent and economical manner - is what drives professional deer velvet researchers. It is this standardisation of the dosage that allows us to stand behind our products.

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